Our Team

Teshome Jarso Wottango is chief Executive Officer of the Company. He currently Owens 50 % of the business and the remaining 50% of shares are owned by his partner and co-founder Tiruaynet Petros lodamo, COO. The business is incorporated as a private limited company and its statutory incorporation enables additional investment for its launch and future expansion.

The company has robust structure consisting a team of administration and finance, budget and human resource, technical and operational, sales and marketing and IT and communication sections .

Ethiotikuret Digital Security PLC

    C E O

                                                                                           D C E O

Admin & Finance                                                                                      Technical Coordinator    

Finance                                                                                           Technicians

HR                                                                                                    IT & architect designer

Cashier                                                                                            Logistics & Supply   

Our clients

Mullege PLC