ETHIOTIKURET is a new brand company registered and licensed by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian Minster of Tread on February 17th 2018

The company will provide digital and electronic security services, 24-hours monitoring and security audits to Governmental and international organizations, commercial buildings, retail businesses, and special events. The business has launched in Addis Ababa and will expand to all nine regional states when successful.

Ethiotikuret is focusing on bringing new security ideas and technology to untapped market in Ethiopia and plays competitive roll in taking forward the industry.

Product and Services

Ethio-tikuret Digital Security System/TDSS/ regularly updates its arsenal of security solutions to ensure its clients receive the latest in security provisions. Below is a list of products and services we provide.

The list above is not exhaustive; we constantly strive to bring you innovative, mult-featured products. Since personal security is a sensitive issue, we endeavor in providing bespoke solutions as per client requirements. Therefore, with etdss its not a matter of making

do with what we have, it’s about providing you with what you require.